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My name is Amy Lapinsky and welcome to Cordelia Classics! I adore all things personalized so it's no coincidence that I stumbled into the wonderful world of monogramming and embroidery. Besides offering truly unique gifts, I love working with businesses and schools to customize apparel and accessories. Working with techniques in screenprinting, vinyl, and embroidery, I can help your organization stand out.

So who is Cordelia? I can't tell you how many times I've been asked if I'm Cordelia. People are always surprised to learn that my business is named after a dog! My husband and I got Cordelia (or Cordy as we called her) shortly after we got married in 2003. She was our first "baby." When I started the business in 2006, I actually began with a line of preppy ribbon dog collars. Of course I had to name the business after our sweet little Lab. Over the years, the business grew into so much more and I was doing fewer and fewer collars, but the name remained the same. In August of 2015, we had to say goodbye to our best girl after a brief battle with cancer. While we miss her terribly, I feel so blessed that we got to love her for those 12 years and I'm so proud that her memory lives on with my business in her name.

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